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You Saison 2 Review: A Captivating Thriller Full of Twists!

After the huge success of the first season of You on Lifetime, it was not a surprise that the giant streaming service, Netflix, owned the second season to bring it to a larger audience than the cable network.

Penn Badgley, or Joe Goldberg, moved all the way down from New York to Los Angeles, hoping to start a fresh new life, away from his obsession about girls( or he thought so). We quickly find out, from the first episodes, that Joe, or Will, his new name in L.A, was obsessed quickly with a new ‘victim’ (or this is how he thought..) Love Quinn(Victoria Pedretti).


During the ten tight episodes, we discover how a new romantic comedy can be transformed quickly into a serial killer thriller,with an excellent casting, especially the performance of Victoria Pedretti, or Love, as we know her on this season, in a way that we thought the show is not centralised on Joe’s character anymore, but more about Love( yeah a bracing name that was well chosen for the character).

After a first season where we were seeing a love story from only one side, Joe’s side, who was chasing an obsession,that we discovered in the end, that she was not really fit for his imagination and expectation, the second season corrected that thing by introducing how the two characters reacted differently to the relationship.  

Love, the new obsession, was totally different from Beck: she was a very private girl who was not feeling insecure of uncertain, but in fact she looked like a very determined women, who knew what to do, and who was falling for him first,in a way she was forcing him to rethink of his game a lot of times.

And because there is no such thing as a happy love story, Joe, or the saviour for ‘wounded birds’ as we discovered him in the first season, was this time trapped in the love of a person that he discovered in the end, that was nothing but the other version of him! And despite the return of Candance, Joe’s ex girlfriend, who he thought he has murdered and buried alive, to take her revenge.

The events of this season make us sympathise a little about the stalker serial killer, especially when we discover that he killed this time in order to prevent bad things from happening for other people, and not because of his love.

This time, the show is not just an obsessive romance gone wrong, but it is more like a thriller full of twists all along the season in a way that it remains as captivating as ever.

Best Quote: “It isn't hard to convince someone you love if you know what they want to hear.”

Best Episode: Love Actually( episode 10)