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The Art of Getting By review: Sometimes, happy ending is not the answer!

This friday movie selection is about a zero complexity romance movie, directed by Gavin Wiesen, about an ordinary teenage love story.


George,(Freddie Highmore), is a lost young boy who struggle with finding a meaning for his life, find himself having for the first time of his life, someone who cares about him. Having to live a hard childhood with his stepfather who was not kind to him and a far away father who doesn't keep in touch with his son , the boy wasn’t able to understand the meaning of responsibility as he had no brothers or sister and even his mother was not always there when he needed her, the thing that let him finish by being always not interested in any class he attends, and instead of studying, he was either skipping class or just drawing unmeaningful draws.george

And because of that, he meet once Sally(Emma Robert) who noticed that he was different from the other kids, and decided to pull him out of his loneliness and play with his emotions a litte.

With the evolution of the story, everything was predictable, and you don't feel surprised about what is going to happens, however, the way the writer made the two young kids struggle to figure out how they feel about each other made the scenario worth watching, as everyone of us had to pass by that step in some point of our life,

Final score. 6/10

Best quote,

You know we're gonna be together one day. We have to sort through all of our messed-up issues I'm serious. I was happy. I was open. I was curious. But I'll tell you this: I knew when it was ending. I was overwhelmed with sadness when I realized that I was going to change, and that it was all most likely going to get worse, like a nostalgia for the present. I couldn't shake it... What? I'm weird, right?

We live alone, We die alone.Everything else is just an illusion